Impact’s Continued Commitment to Your Health and Safety

We have been sharing ongoing information on the airPHX system over the last year and have had a lot of questions as to how it actually works. Read about the airPHX system HERE.

We are offering small group training, small group boxing/kickboxing along with student agility and sports performance for the summer. This is not intended to replace any school programs, it will augment them and provide additional practice with continued supervision from a fitness professional. We have many with specific sport expertise. We are limiting groups to (4) individuals to insure we are able to give each athlete adequate attention. Grab some friends or come and make some new friends! We will match people up based on interest and skillset.

For everyone’s safety, we do ask that you be considerate of your fellow members and allow adequate spacing. We have spray bottles located throughout the gym and we also have small personal spray bottles that you can check out from the front desk if you would prefer to carry one with you. Please remember to drop it off before you leave and we will sanitize it and refill it for the next use. 

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns. 


Kim Itzla

Impact Performance and Fitness