Personal Trainer

  • Texas License Massage Therapist,
  • KT tape practitioner, Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, & Cupping
  • Odessa HS
  • ATI School of Massage
Meet The Trainer

Jason Ramirez

Massage Therapist

Starting from childhood, I’ve always been active and involved in playing sports like soccer and football and have continued that into my adulthood. With three beautiful teenagers, they have followed that legacy and keep me busy with waterpolo, swimming, and basketball. We are always on the go! I have had the privilege of practicing my gift for the betterment of my children and even some of their teammates. My hope is that I continue to use those gifts to help everyday people and athletes to reach their full potential no matter their lifestyle or sport.


A licensed Massage Therapist with over 14 years of experience, I specialize in overall wellness by aligning the body, mind, and soul through muscle manipulation to achieve more effective functionality and movement in your everyday life.

“You can’t count someone out who keeps getting up and keeps moving forward.”