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Impact Performance & Fitness

Full Service Gym with a Boutique Feel

Impact Performance & Fitness is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. From the professional athlete who wants peak off-season conditioning to the business professional that wants to look and feel better, this is the gym for you. Our mission is to offer a positive atmosphere to help you reach your own fitness goals and create rewarding relationships during the process.


We are always excited to welcome new members to our fitness community. Our supportive team will help you accomplish your fitness goals and keep you motivated to push your limits.

You don’t need to be the quarterback or a starter of the basketball team, or even play a sport to be an athlete. Working on yourself, training at the gym, and living a healthy lifestyle make you an athlete. Whether you are just getting started on this journey or you want to improve your training techniques, Impact Performance & Fitness is here for you. We have been welcoming members since 2012. Come check out our full service gym and become part of our family too.

What Do We Offer at Our Fitness Facility?

Check out our state-of-the-art FreeMotion equipment and custom workouts to reach your fitness goals.

FreeMotion Equipment for Cardio and Strength Training

At Impact Performance & Fitness we have FreeMotion machines to train every part of your body. We have Coach treadmills, Coach bikes, sleds, ellipticals, strength equipment, and more! We can even show you how to use every machine!

Personal and Small Group Training

If you don’t like working out on your own and need some additional motivation, come join our small group training sessions or kickstart your fitness journey with a personal trainer.

You Won’t Find a Cleaner Gym in Town

Our protocol is to wipe down equipment multiple times a day, to ensure that every member has a pleasant workout experience. Our trainers wipe down the equipment after their clients have finished their training session, and our clients are really good about cleaning after themselves too. Additionally, we have an AIRPHX system that prevents Covid and any other viruses from living in the gym.


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Take Us for a Test Run

To help make your decision even easier, we offer a three-day pass to try us out! You get unlimited visits and a facility tour and equipment demonstration. Additionally, there is a two-week pass on the back of our trainers’ business cards.

1 Free Week + $25 Off First Month Dues

New members only.

Come Play!

Come in and play with our gym toys. There are always new ones to play with as we continue to grow our gym! From our kettle balls to battle ropes, you will always find something fun to do! Not to mention, the energy is great and our members are the best!

Join Southlake’s Full Service Gym with a Boutique Feel

If you are ready to start your fitness journey with our family, come check out Impact Performance & Fitness today. You can train at your own pace, take part in our small group training, or sign up with a personal trainer that will come up with a customized workout plan and keep you motivated. Every person takes a different route to accomplish their fitness goals and maintain them, and we are here to provide all of the tools you need to succeed.

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