FreeMotion Gym Machines and Full-Service Rooms

Impact Performace & Fitness has everything you need to succeed in your fitness journey! We provide all types of FreeMotion Equipment for cardio and strength training, as well as weights and other toys! Our goal is to provide a positive atmosphere with the right equipment to get you the results you are working for.

High-End Equipment and Machines

Our gym is one of the larger privately owned gyms in town, and we provide full-service locker rooms, we have a men’s locker room and a ladies locker room. Each locker room has (4) showers and we provide towel service and toiletries. Additionally, we equip you with the highest quality of workout equipment. We have a wide variety of FreeMotion machines, but here are a couple of them to help you picture our space:

  • Coach Treadmills
  • Coach Bikes
  • Sleds
  • Ellipticals 
  • Strength Equipment

Impact Performace & Fitness also has many gym toys to play with, such as kettle balls, battle ropes, weightlifting chains, kickboxing bags, punching bags, and more! Come check us out and see for yourself.

Our team will teach you how to use all the equipment and we are ready to assist you when you have any questions or concerns. We offer personal training, spin classes, boxing classes, and other group training sessions to maximize the use of these machines!

Turf Area and Multi-Use Room for Workouts

Impact Performace & Fitness has a turf area so you can diversify your workout routines. You can use this area to do sled pushes, sled pulls, bunny hops, reverse drags, sled drag and rows, kettlebell thrusts, ladder runs, cone drills, agility training, battle rope workouts, and more!

We also have an additional multi-use room where we offer small group training and spin classes. Members can also use this space if they want some privacy or if they want to spread out. This room is also equipped with spin bikes and a big iFit TV for multiple virtual trainer workouts. So, you can travel the world while you work out. Who wants to go on a bike ride in Spain or have a yoga class by the beach? We know we do!

Full-Service Locker Rooms

A hot shower after an intense workout sounds really good, especially if you have places to be after your workout. Maybe you came to the gym straight from work and you need a place to change and get ready. Impact Performance & Fitness have a men’s locker room and a ladies locker room. Each locker room has (4) showers and we provide towel service and toiletries. They are cleaned nightly. You can go hard on your workouts and freshen up afterward without needing to head home. 

Working Out On Your Own

Not everyone likes working out in group settings or with a personal trainer. That’s okay! Impact Performance & Fitness is the perfect place for all types of people to work on themselves.

If you like creating your own workout routines, having more flexibility on the days and times you work out, and just like having your privacy, then we’ll provide you with the space and gym equipment and let you do your own thing! 

One of the perks of our full service gym is that we offer you the freedom to use our FreeMotion equipment and weights, turf area, and multi-use room without requiring you to sign up for training. Many boutique gyms are only created for group and personal training, but we create a space for all types of workout routines.

Come Play at Impact Performance & Fitness

If you are ready to kickstart your workout routines, come sign up at Impact Performance & Fitness. Check out our FreeMotion equipment and go on a bike ride in Spain on one of our Coach bikes. We offer single, family, student, and corporation memberships. Our memberships include unlimited visits and a free fitness assessment. Come join our fitness family and let’s have some fun!